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InstaForex QR code

InstaForex provides its partners with up-to-date marketing instrument QR code, which you can generate in Partner Cabinet right now. QR code is graphical code conatining encoded information. The information may be in the form of image, text, or affiliate link. Anyone who has a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, or tablet with a camera can read the information. Thus, QR code allows a partner to place information, for example affiliate link both in digital form and on the data storage device.

InstaForex offers its partners to generate in Partner Cabinet a personal QR code with corresponding affiliate link and place it on various promotional materials by InstaForex.

Placing QR code with your affiliate link on banners, leaflets, business cards, T-shirts, posters, stickers, etc. you may be sure that information contained in QR code will be distributed and saved in mobile devices of your prospective clients.

However, QR code is to partner’s obvious advantage enables a client to follow the affiliate link encoded in QR code and open an account with InstaForex. After that he automatically becomes a partner’s client who owns QR code.

InstaForex recommends its partners to use this marketing instrument for attraction of new clients for it is application is very simple and demands minimum expenses.