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CPA (Click Per Action) Affiliate Program

Receive commission

up to$2000

Earn from the first deposit of every new client

It is easy to make money!

Step #1
Register for the CPA affiliate program
Step #2
Invite clients
Step #3
Clients top up their accounts and start trading
Step #4
Receive affiliate commission!

The bigger the first deposit is, the higher commission will be!

From 200

to 499


From 5 000

to 9 999

1 000

From 500

to 999


From 10 000

to 19 999

1 500

From 1 000

to 2 499


From 20 000

and higher

2 000

From 2 500

to 4 999


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Do you have any questions? We will try to guess them and give answers!

Why was my request for CPA denied?
Why didn't I receive my commission?
How to find out the status of the commission?
Where can I find all the terms of the Affiliate Agreement?
What are the requirements and restrictions on clients referring?
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