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Our team of programmers has developed an Admin Panel for managing the website constructor.

Admin Panel contains 5 major options:

Web pages. By means of this option you can edit and cancel the existing web pages of the affiliate website.

Add Page. By means of this option you can create a new web page, fill it up with a content using the Editing panel (by means of this panel you will be able to add links, monitor the text, download pictures, etc.). You can also write the following metasymbols for a new page: title, keywords, description.

Menu. This option gives you a chance to vary the structure of the website menu: add/edit/cancel the menu choice.

Patterns. This option provides an opportunity to manage the website patterns (website area consisting of side and lower menu, and the page header. This option allows adding/cancelling the links to the side menu on the left and on the right of text arrays, and change the Copyright.

Design. By using this option you can choose one of the given variants of website designs created by our team and change the type font.