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Affiliate link functioning principles

An affiliate link is the main tool of recording customers referred. Every registered partner has his own unique affiliate link. People who have followed this link and opened trading accounts with InstaForex within half a year since the link was last visited are automatically recorded as the ones referred by the link owner; thus, the partner receives commissions and other rewards.

What is the structure of an affiliate link?

An affiliate link consists of two components:

If, for instance, you want your link to forward customers to the contest page, it will look like this:, where ABC is your personal affiliate code. Such a link records everyone who follows it.

Moreover, in InstaForex Partner Cabinet there is an option of making up your own affiliate links. A partner can enter up to five key words to use them instead of the code automatically provided at registration.

Affiliate code

An affiliate code comprising 3-5 letters may be used not only as part of an affiliate link. If you recommend your friends open an account with InstaForex and ask them to enter your code in the certain field of the registration form, they will be recorded as customers attracted by you as well, even though they have not clicked on your link.

In case a client already has a trading account with the company and wants to join your affiliate group or if you have other questions about the affiliate link, please contact us at

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